Boredom = Death | How to finally score that hard to get girl
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Boredom = Death 

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator ofUnlock Her Legs:  How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

This is one of my favorite quotes:

Chicks are like hunters, they want to bag a lion or a bear.. something really hard to catch.  And along comes you.  You are like this affectionate little puppy. You’re cute, you’re nice, you have a lot in common with her… but you’re way too easy to catch.  And that bores her. And with chicks, boredom = death.

The question you need to ask yourself is “how easy am I to catch?”

Remember, dogs don’t chase rocks sitting on the ground.  They chase rabbits that dart in and out of bushes.

So, how do you get a girl to chase you?  Easy.

You use the RIGHT BAIT.

On the next page, discover a simple little “mind game” that forces a girl to chase you.