Rules of the game | How to finally score that hard to get girl
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The Rules of The Game

By Bobby Rio
Co-creator of:  Unlock Her Legs:  How to Finally Nail that Hard to Get Girl

8900557_sHere’s the game in a nutshell…

You’re trying to get in her pants… and listen, even if you’re thinking no, i really like her, i want her to be my girlfriend… It’s not about sex….

Trust me, it’s about sex

Because it doesn’t matter how good of a time the two of you have together… if you’re not sleeping with her…. You’re in the friend zone

So you’re trying to get in her pants… Because that’s how you win…

That’s how you know she’s yours…  you don’t win the game until you unlock her legs…

If you start doing the victory dance before you’ve slept with her…  You’re going to wind up sad and embarrassed when she stops answering your calls and she’s suddenly always “busy” and you have to make excuses to your friends about why “the one” has ditched you again….

Here’s how she wins…

She wants to get you to go holy shit this girl is the most unique, special, beautiful snowflake of them all…

She wants to know she has you

Now, most guys can’t contain themselves and their blurting this shit out within the first fifteen minutes of talking to her…

Here’s the kick in the balls…   Once you give it to her…  Its over.  She WINS.

This is when you’ll hear “ummm you’re really nice, i just don’t have those kind of feelings for you…”

Or…  “I’m just not ready for a relationship…. With you”

Or…  “I just have so much going on in my life i don’t really have time right now for anything serious….”

How to Win the Game

article-2311761-00BE3DCA00000578-124_634x925Now if you want her to actually answer your calls, meet you for drinks, and go back to your place… then you’ve got to quickly differentiate yourself from all her different “fans” out there.

I call these guys “fans” because they act like she’s the celebrity and they’ve got to do everything they can to make sure she doesn’t get bored and leave…

But, let me ask you something…

Do celebrities ever really want to hang out with their fans?

Of course not…

Now if you’re already in the friend zone…

That’s ok.

Because we’re going to throw her a curveball and snatch that power from her fingertips…   and have her scratching her head going “there’s just something different about him…”

Just follow the game plan laid out in this video.


  • Make her think about you constantly (even become obsessed with you)
  • Have a female friend dragging  you into the bedroom
  • She’ll fantasize about sleeping with you